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Resina: Rosin Ester Food-Grade
For chewing gum base and beverages

These resins are especially made for chewing gum base and other food-grade applications. They are obtained through the esterification of natural and hydrogenated rosins with polyalcohols, producing excellent stability against oxidation. The "Resina" group also exhibits great properties for chewing, aging and elasticity. Resinas Sintéticas applies the strictest controls of quality and hygiene. All products intended for the food industry enjoy separate production, packaging and storage facilities. Our resins are subjected to counter-current steam distillation and abide by FDA and FCC standards, and by the Health Ministry in Mexico. Resinas also offers its "Resina" line Kosher-optional.

Table 1: Product Data:

Table II: Brookfield Viscosity Table III: Color Stability

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