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Tradition and Commitment

Resinas Sintéticas is a leading global manufacturer of rosin-based derivatives. Vertically-integrated into the supply of the raw material, Resinas inspires confidence in customers wary of instability and volatility in other suppliers. As the main gum rosin producer in North America, Resinas is a local supplier to American companies. Mexico's additional solid trade agreements with Europe, Asia and South America make Resinas the world's reliable supplier of choice.

Founded in 1928, Resinas's main customer base consists of European, American and Asian multinational corporations, and exports to over 25 countries in four continents.

This is a partial list only, as Resinas can modify existing products to meet customer specifications

  • Gum rosin estergums
  • Hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated estergums of gum rosin
  • Polymerized estergums of gum rosin
  • Disproportionated ester gums of gum rosin
  • Polyamides (for inks)
  • Zinc resinate
  • Zinc calcium resinate
  • Sodium resinate
  • Rosin soaps
  • Hydrogenated rosin
  • Hydrogenated resin of gum rosin
  • Water-based dispersions of estergum-based tackifiers
  • Terpene / polyterpene resins of alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and d-limonene

Please note: Resinas does not sell rosin or other raw materials, only chemical derivatives.
Why Resinas Sintéticas

Vertical integration
Multi-plant production
Commitment and focus
One management team since 1928
Raw material sourced in NAFTA/OECD


Specializing in advanced rosin derivatives
Laboratory with 70 years of experience
Tailor-made products


Numerous quality awards
Serving Fortune 500 companies for over four decades
Participant in the worldwide professional associations
Clean Industry Award by the Mexican
environmental authorities

Why Hydrogenated Rosin Esters?

Resinas is a leader in the manufacture of hydrogenated rosin and rosin esters, for adhesives, tapes, inks and chewing gum applications. Hydrogenated rosin esters are the most stable resins from the family of rosin tackifiers (tall oil rosins cannot be hydrogenated). These resins are especially suitable for adhesives and sealants that may be subjected to elevated temperatures, as in hot melts.

Hydrogenated rosin esters exhibit better compatibility with some polymers than other resins including synthetic ones. Better compatibility results in better tack and peel properties.

In the food industry, hydrogenated rosin esters add desirable texture, masticability and shelf life properties.

Resinas has three levels of hydrogenation:

1. Partially Hydrogenated: They include Resin H, Resigum H-90, Resigum H-70, Resina H/E, etc.

2. Hydrogenated: These include Resin SH, Resigum SH-105 and Resigum SH-85, and are a more economical line but with many application similarities to the "HH" line.

3. Highly Hydrogenated: These are the "Cadillac" of the hydrogenated resins, and are used in selected applications where high polymer compatibility, long life (over five years), high tack and low color are a must. They include the Resin HH, Resigum HH-85 and Resigum HH-105.


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